Cast and Crew

An unabridged Full-Cast production of the novel by Gail Carriger
Featuring an original score composed and performed by Danny Schade

J. Daniel Sawyer

Kitty Niciaian
Erik & Beth Dasher
Kevin Philips
Adam McCullough
J. Daniel Sawyer

Executive Producer
Gail Carriger

Veronica Giguere as Maura
Dorothy Gallagher as Manzanilla
Nathan Lowell as Dr. Silious
Vanessa Applegate as Korakay and Rees
Wendell H. Wilson as Asherat
Rachel Young as Ger
Stephen H. Wilson as Foreman and Sequensor 1
Dave Robison as Armiger 2, Clerk 2, and Killki 2
Kitty NicIaian as Biskweet The Murmel, Dispatcher 1, Guard 1, Crowdmember 3, and Wari 1
Michael Lemonjello as Armiger 4
Chris Lester as Progenitor 5 and Wari 2
Philippa Ballantine as Armiger 3
Christiana Ellis as Sequensor 3
Rachel Bietz as The Fringe-Riddled Woman
Dalya Massachi as The Dispatcher
Marelen Jones as Progenitor 3
Tee Morris as Progenitor 1 and Clerk 1
Andrea Fender as Progenitor 4, Kill’ki 1, and Crowdmember 1
Adam McCullough as Sequensor 2, Wari 3, and The Office Admin
David Jarret as Crowdmember 2
Alasdair Stuart as the Decompression Countdown
J. Daniel Sawyer as The Narrator, The Epigraph Voice, Fuzzy, Progenitor 2, Eeeaaa, Lucivian, and Armiger 1

Alasdair Stuart

J. Daniel Sawyer
Kitty NicIaian

Assistant Editors
Chris Lester
Adam McCullough

Foley Artists
Kitty NicIaian
J. Daniel Sawyer

Cover Art, Design, and Packaging
Kitty NicIaian
J. Daniel Sawyer

Sound Design, Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering
J. Daniel Sawyer

Special Thanks
Prometheus Radio Theater
Imagine That! Studios
Ryvenna Lewis

Recorded, Edited, and Mixed at ArtisticWhispers Productions
Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

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